Becoming a Buffalo Club Member

Learn more about the Buffalo Club. Have fun and stop taking yourself so seriously

About the Buffalo Member Drinking Game

Our Goal

The BuffaloMember team is focused on delivering the funnest social media application  in existence. We're not only creating a social media app for a drinking game, we are creating a super fun experience that will not only grow your social circle, but will connect you with many like-minded fun people. BUFFALO CLUB is not just a game, and likewise, the BUFFALOMEMBER Network is not just an app.

History of Buffalo Club

It is said that the  BUFFALO CLUB stems from the wild, wild west. During this gun-slinging era, both good-guys and bad-guys had to be ready for action/violence at anytime. The right hand was always unoccupied and ready for a confrontation. For this reason, armed men were considered careless or if they were caught drinking or gambling with their right hand. It was in these violent years that warriors were able to identify each other simply by taking note of each others drinking and gambling habits. None of the WARRIORS drank out of their right hand. 

Your Goal

To grow your network of BUFFALOMEMBERS 

larger than anyone in your region. Every new Buffalo Club Member that you introduce into the drinking game, makes your herd bigger and stronger, unlocking perks and achievements.

Join and grow your network with a #BUFFALOHANDSHAKE photo, post it on your social media, tag us, and we will repost. #BuffaloClub #Buffalomember

Stay in Touch

Check in with us for updates on the upcoming Buffalo Club Mobile Application and events.