The Buffalo Club Drinking Game

Buffalo Club Rule #1

Once you join the BUFFALO CLUB, you are a BUFFALOMEMBER forever!!

Once a BUFFALO, always a BUFFALO!

Buffalo Club Rule #2

You cannot drink out of your RIGHT HAND!!!

Buffalo Club Rule #3

If you do, you have to chug whatever is left in your drink/container.

Buffalo Club Rules

These are the original rules in their simplest form. We realize that there are BUFFALO MEMBERS who play with different rules and variations. We support and encourage all rule sets, as the buffalo club and drinking game has evolved through the years. In general, in YOUR HERD, stick to YOUR HERDS RULES, but when with outside buffalo members, unless previously agreed, only the main rules apply.

For example: 

Some herds call "BUFFALO" an a buffalo club member if a member drinks with his/her "dominant-hand" instead of the "right-hand". Perfectly fine in your group, as long as you all understand your rule.

Some herds call a "BUFFALO" if a member of the buffalo club simply HOLDS his/her drink with their "right-hand". Also perfectly fine if those are the rules you joined the buffalo club under.