Buffalo Club Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the Buffalo Club and join the official BUFFALOMEMBER NETWORK?

A: All you have to do is snap a picture shaking hands with a current member and YOU ARE IN!! (If there are no members in your area, find a friend who wants to join and snap a picture of both of you shaking hands. CONGRATS!!! You are now both members of the Buffalo Club, and posted on the official BUFFALOMEMBER NETWORK) To make it official and let everyone know, post the pics on INSTAGRAM (#joiningbuffalo, #buffalomember, or #buffalohandshake) or email to buffalo.member@yahoo.com for posting on this site.

Q: Can a Buffalo Club member drink with two hands?

A: Can they? YES! Will it violate the rules of BUFFALO? As long as the right hand is not supporting the “gravity-weight” of the glass. In other words, if you were to freeze the person right as they are drinking and remove the right hand, will the glass fall? If it will….BUFFALO, if not they are safe.

Q: Can I revoke my Buffalo Drinking Game membership?

A: No. You are a Buffalo Club Member for life. You should have realized that you were a dishonorable person BEFORE you joined.

Q: Can a Buffalo Club violation be appealed?

A: Remember that a violation is called based upon the perspective of an honorable buffalo member/s at the time of the incident, based solely on what he/they knew at that time. In other words, majority decides. GOOD LUCK ON THAT ONE!!!!!

Q: Can a person who is NOT a member of the BUFFALO CLUB "buffalo" a current member of the BUFFALOMEMBER NETWORK?

A: Absolutely NOT. Only a Member may call a buffalo. There are no outsiders allowed.

Q: What if I’m holding my straw with my right hand while i drink?

A: You MAY hold your straw with your right hand. As long as you are NOT holding the “GRAVITY WEIGHT” of the beverage with your right hand.

Q: What if I have already had too much to drink?

A: We are all adults, What is more important, honor or safety. A TRUE BUFFALO WOULD NEVER ASK!!!!!!! SUGGESTION: TAXI SERVICES RUN 24 HRS. however, please review realistic expectations section of the rule book.

Q: How can i become a Buffalo Club Member?

A: The ONLY way to become a member is to shake hands with another Buffalo Club Member after understanding ALL rules. THINK BEFORE YOU SHAKE!!! (Pictures of the handshake are always recommended.) Send us those pictures and we will make it official on the BUFFALOMEMBER NETWORK.

Q: What if I get caught while tasting someone else’s drink?

A: Blah, blah, blah………SHUP UP AND DRINK!!!! Your friends drink can be replaced, your honor cannot!

Q: What if a member of the BUFFALOMEMBER NETWORK refuses to drink?

A: Give them a moment to allow his/her failure to sink in. Usually, refusal is associated with egotistical members that are consumed with shock and embarrassment about the violation. After several seconds, their honor will kick in and the buffalo member will prove it. If a buffalo member refuses, he is immediately considered DISHONORABLE. Immediately gather all members to witness the shame and lack of integrity. Often their body will use self defense mechanisms such as, but not limited to, anger, stubbornness, violence, rapid shallow breathing, profuse sweating and extreme agitation towards the lifestyle and its members. This is normal, as all of their honor, loyalty, decency , and integrity is being sucked out of their body, revealing their smelly, pathetic and dishonorable soul. This FORMER member should be reported to this website via buffalo.member@yahoo.com for posting, and will NEVER EVER be allowed back into the club. NEVER, EVER, EVER allow that former member to call a BUFFALO on anyone else, EVER. Even if the current member did violate a rule. Remember BUFFALO CLUB is about honor, and honorable members always come first!!!!

Q: What if I am left-handed?

A: It is actually easier for you. Either way, NO RIGHT-HANDED DRINKING. (Since this game is International and been around for a very long time, the BUFFALOMEMBER NETWORK realizes that some "chapters" invoke their own rules. For example, some members prohibit left-handed players to drink with their left instead of their right. Obviously, this version of the game uses the "dominant hand" principal. Although we respect everyone's interpretation of the game, the BUFFALOMEMBER NETWORK prefers to avoid the mass confusion and maintain the NO RIGHT-HANDED DRINKING rule all across the board.)