The SOCIAL social network

Buffalo Member is the SOCIAL, social network for the funnest and most loyal community of socialites and misfits on the planet. Check-in to local bars, earn points, draft new players to join, expand your group!

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About Us

The BUFFALOMEMBER Social Network is made up of the funnest and friendliest people on the planet. While it revolves around a very simple drinking game and organization called THE BUFFALO CLUB, the mobile application is much more than just that. This is why it is referred to as the SOCIAL, social network. This mobile application takes the BUFFALO CLUB to a different level as it actually encourages members to interact with one another while out in social settings, while racking up points and achievements based on the number of interactions you have with people and locations. No need for additional props, dice, cards, or cups. Just fun people who like to interact with others.

Why be a BuffaloMember?

Since the application revolves around a simple international drinking game, it is the ONLY social media application on the planet that requires users to actually be in a social setting while using it. It is also the only network that actually rewards you for interacting with the people around you. Can you avoid getting “buffaloed”? Can you “buffalo” your friends? Can you create the largest network? Can you obtain the most achievements? Compete with other members in your network, or with other members in your City, State, Country, or the World.

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Get sweet deals on places near you!

BUFFALOMEMBER network also has a growing list of bars/restaurants advertising their drink and happy hour specials to its members. While prices and discounts may vary from establishment to establishment, users can find the nearest drink special locations with a simple swipe of their touchscreen devices. As if that weren’t convenient enough, users can also see how many other members are currently at each of the BuffaloMember locations. If you are a bar/restaurant owner who would like to advertise your food/drink specials, please contact us at

The Rules The game is one of honor which requires members to fully satisfy their commitment to the Buffalo Club. If a rule is violated, there will be consequences. Once a person becomes a Buffalo Member, they are members for life.

Left Hand Only

Once you join, you can no longer drink any alcoholic beverage from your right hand. Period.

Tell the Community

Members should post all Buffalo Club violations on the Buffalo Member Network and social media.

Finish Your Cup

If you get caught drinking from your right hand. We got one word for ya...CHUG!

Drink Responsibly

Drink Responsibly! And always make sure you have a designated driver.

Testimonials You know something crazy is about to happen when a Buffalo Member says, "Hey! Hold my beer, and watch this."

Download BuffaloMember You can also contact us to win pre-lauch gifts, prizes, and an invitation to the BuffaloMember mobile app launch party in Miami.

Just a few more weeks to be available at the App Store!

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